Charles McCrary

Charles is one of the original members of Black Wolves. Currently a student at Full Sail University, he is a techno artist and aspiring filmmaker. He generally handles logistics of the clan such as this site, events, and other organizational tasks within the clan. In most games, he is usually the medic, not only because of skill, but because he is the only one that can be trusted to do it effectively.

Steam ID: =BW= TeChNo RaVe | Xfire: BW=KJ4BMG

Taylor Dickinson

Starting out playing games in pre-school, Taylor Dickinson has played a vast amount of genres of games in all different generations of gaming excluding games before and during Colecovision's time. Because of Taylor's love for video-games he decided to get involved in the programing and moding commity. Taylor dreams to one day become a game programmer so children may love his games as he loved others games in the past.

Steam ID: =BW= Taylord109 | Xfire: BW=TaylorD109

John Patrick

John aka WeisseHai is the newest member of the Black Wolves Clan. Born and raised in Marietta and a student at Georgia Tech, he has been gaming for, as some would say, "too damn long". Described as offensive by his teammates, he has made no effort to deny these allegations, and has made no conscious effort to stop being offensive. In most games, he has only one strategy: sniping. If there is a way to make the enemy's head explode into a cloud of red mist, he will do it.

Steam ID: =BW= WeisseHai | Xfire: BW=DerWeisseHai

Thomas Pepe

Thomas aka Hoot is one of original members of Black Wolves. He is currently a student at Georgia Highlands College. He started off playing games like Battlefield 1942 and hasn't stopped. If there is a way to pilot an aircraft that looks dangerous to everyones well being, he will do it. He also plays most roles in games, this can range from Sniper, CQC, Support Gunner and all around assault.

Steam ID: =BW= Hoot | Xfire: BW=Hoot

Kyle Whitehead

Kyle is the third original member of Black Wolves. Also a student at Full Sail, he is the epitome of a gamer. He uses his talents to demoralize the enemy, from simple harassment to trolling. His tactics revolve around one simple concept: overkill. Whether it is him ramming a helicopter down your throat or charging into glorious battle with an RPG-7 on his shoulder, he will make you regret facing the clan.

Steam ID: =BW= NoL1fe | Xfire: BW=Forgan

Chan Marlow

After many excessive bribes and death threats against current Black Wolves members Chan was grudgingly accepted into Black Wolves Clan. Despite obvious safety concerns, Chan does contribute to the clan through various means. The top contribution for example is demoralization. There is nothing sweeter than destroying a demoralized enemy after their childhood memories of watching 'Sesame Street' are destroyed by Elmo's voice screaming very extreme and profane expletives directed towards their loved ones.

Steam ID: =BW= Elmo

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