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  • Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Remix Review
    Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Rmx.
    Review - "Astonishing to say the least."
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Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Remix Review

Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Rmx.
Review - "Astonishing to say the least."

The graphics look amazing and the characters are all based on the Sega Genesis games. The game play has the look and feel of the retro Sonic titles. The music so far is almost copied directly from the Genesis Sonic games. Looking thought the files that came with the demo I notice a three file named "Zone 1", "Zone 2", and "Zone 3". After editing a file it changed the level (I fell though the level). However if they are going to openly allow zones to be edited maybe they will allow community made levels in the future!

Over all the game was the best thing that could have happen to sonic in the past since 1994. The best thing about this game however is that it was only made by two people, an artist and a programmer. Two people Slaughtered Sega at there own game by making a game that was better the all of Sega's Sonic games combined since 1994.

I give this game beta 9 out of 10.

If you what to download it go to

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