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XBox Game Reviews

GRID for Xbox

Hey im Kyle and im going to be reviewing Grid for Xbox 360, Grid was an amazing title for me I tend to play racing games on consoles and this has been one of the mroe realistic racers that ive played instead of just having your bumper fall of your cars bodywork to get dinged up you can actually damage your transmission, wheels, suspension, engine, and steering which added in a since of realism that other drivers dont often have. Although when you can damage your car you also want a way to have a redo or restarting the race would just be a pain in the ass every single time that you tapped a wall and damaged a tire so that added in the replay feature allowing you to have a redo a certain amount of time per circuit before you had to restart the race completely, this allowed you to have occasional fuck ups but also not let you just master each corner one at a time until you won the race you still only had about 1/2 a redo per lap so you still need to have driving skill.


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Obviously with higher difficulty setting you get less replays and the NPC drivers are more intelligent. Another neat aspect of this game is the team management, you can have a team mate that can help win events and make more money for your team so that you can get cars faster, additionally you have sponsorships so that instead of just winning you could have secondary objectives like get above 2nd place and take no damage and you get an additional $200,000 this allowed you to customize the way you get you money. Starting off in the game you could also be a freelance driver and be hired by other teams to race for them though as the game progresses and you get better sponsorships the less of a need there is to do that seeing as they are much lower paying.The online multiplayer is basically what you would expect from a racing game obviously you cant use flashbacks but none the less still a very interesting play!!!


Overall I give this game an 8 out of 10

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